Carnival Tents Carnival Booths


Just like at the county fair, we offer Carnival Tents  Carnival Booths rentals for your school carnivals, grad nights, company picnics or your carnival theme party. Our tents are the authentic looking red and white vertical striped colors and they can be set up all in a row to give you that carnival midway feel. We also offer the side skirts available to partition the games or booth off to the public. These are high quality booths and we secure them down properly with either stakes or special weighted tent weights. We deliver our Carnival Tent and Carnival booths to all Northern California Cities including San Francisco, San Jose, East Bay, Central Coast cities Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, Palo Alto, Santa Clara and Oakland.


Ages: Suitable for all ages

Space requirements: 10L x 10W

Price: $79.00 for a 4 hr rental.

We also offer the backing for the back of the tent with weather permitting (winds) for 8.00

Side Skirting is available for $8.00 a side

Peak Tent Height is 10ft 4 inches on low setting and 10ft 9 inches on highest setting