Classic Cotton Candy Pre-Made Tubs

  • Classic Cotton Candy Pre Made Tubs Ready To Enjoy

  • Icee Flavored Classic Cotton Candy Pre Made Tubs


Cotton candy has been around carnivals and events for decades. We know not everyone likes to make it but everyone loves to eat it. We are now have Classic Cotton Candy Pre-Made Tubs for you to purchase instead of renting the machine. At most home birthday parties and smaller events people run out of time to make cotton candy for their guests. Why not give your guests Classic Cotton Candy Pre-Made Tubs? Your guests can take it home after the party to enjoy later. Our   Classic Cotton Candy Pre-Made Tubs have a resealable top so it will stay fresh.

Having a larger event and want to advertise your event or company? We can customize these Classic Cotton Candy Pre-Made Tubs with your company logo or special message. Branding these  Classic Cotton Candy Pre-Made Tubs is an awesome idea for you to get the word out about your business or event. Please call our office and we can quote you a price to have this done.



Price: $3.00 each

We Offer Pink Or Blue Cotton Candy Sugar or Icee Flavor