Cyclone Spinning Obstacle Course Carnival Ride


What a blast your guests will have with the Cyclone Spinning Obstacle Course Carnival Ride rental. This 4 seat cyclone spinning ride is addictive and challenging all at the same time. Challenge your classmates, co-worker, friends, and family in this thrilling new attraction.

Please watch our video and enjoy the laugh.

Our staff always wanted the Cyclone Spinning Obstacle Course Carnival Ride to adda little extra to company and school events. We have included 4 professional race car seats for you to take a spin. Our fully trained operator will spin 4 competitors for 30 seconds then stop the ride for the guestd to find their lane to race through the inflatable obstacle course. The first one through the Cyclone Spinning Obstacle Course Carnival Ride is declared the winner.

We are always looking for crazy and unique carnival games, carnival rides, and fun food products for you and your guests to enjoy. Be the first to experience the Cyclone Spinning Obstacle Course Carnival Ride. We are the only one in the USA to have this ride. This attraction will bring out the smart phones and will be a highlight on everyones social media page.

We deliver our Cyclone Spinning Obstacle Course Carnival Ride to the entire California Bay Area cities including the east bay, south bay,Monterey Peninsula and all over the Cental Coast.



Number of participants at a time: 4
Space Requirements: 75 feet length x 28 ft feet wide x 16 feet tall
Special Requirements: requires a Lets Party staff member to operate at all times. Staff will adhere to height and weight requirements.


225 lbs max per person
42′ minimum height

Rental Rate:Please call our office to receive a quote.


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