• Amazing Lazer Lights Will Dance To Your Music!

  • 8-16 Players Can Play At Once

  • Let Us Custom Brand This For Your Company Event

  • Vibrant Colors For Each Team

  • 8 to 16 Players At A Time Can Play


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Our GIANT LED FOOSBALL TABLE RENTAL will have your guests lined up waiting to take a shot at this amazing GIANT LED FOOSBALL TABLE RENTAL. Our GIANT LED FOOSBALL TABLE RENTAL has endless possibilties on how to enjoy this all time classic game. We have added led lighting to this table that you can change what color you would like the table to be lit up as. We also included a overhead light that can also change to your favorite color. My Favorite feature of this  GIANT LED FOOSBALL TABLE RENTAL is that we also have installed lazer lights that can strobe around the field of the table or we can flip a switch and have the lazers lights dance to your favorite song. Another great feature of our GIANT LED FOOSBALL TABLE RENTAL  is this can be played with either 8 to 16 players.

We rent many different type of foosball tables from our normal foosball table to our XXL Foosball Table  we also offer the amazing Inflatable Human Foosball Table and now we are offering the best GIANT LED FOOSBALL TABLE RENTAL in the California San Jose, San Francisco, Bay Area Cities.

GIANT LED FOOSBALL TABLE RENTAL is incredibly popular with all ages but it seems it has been a trend in the tech companies as away of blowing off steam during a rough day at the office. Our amazing GIANT LED FOOSBALL TABLE RENTAL goes well with any adult or child glow party or special event. We can also rent you black lights and a special tent to make your GIANT LED FOOSBALL TABLE RENTAL really glow and be a focal point at your next event. We have been creating games and renting out these fun glow products for over a decade and can create a great event for you. Please call our office and let us share some past events we have done with our   GIANT LED FOOSBALL TABLE RENTAL.

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Ages: Suitable for all ages

Product dimensions: Length: 12ft Length x 5ft Width

1 electrical outlet is required

Price:Please call our office for a quote 1-888-630-3866