Gyro Extreme Mechanical Ride


Our 2-person Gyro Xtreme is sure to thrill all who dare to ride this awesome attraction. Gyro Extreme safely tosses, turns, and spins riders and leaves them smiling and coming back for more! This attraction is similar to models used by NASA and the U.S. Airforce to simulate the experience of weightlessness, along with the roll and tumble associated with outer space flights. Riders do not experience motion sickness because the spinning changes direction and keeps each rider’s inner ears balanced. The Gyro Extreme is crazy, exciting & fun. The Gyro Extreme is for colleges, schools, events & company picnics.

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Ages: Minimum rider height is 48 inches and maximum rider weight is 250 pounds.

Product Dimensions: Length 12 ft x Width 12 ft x Height 9ft

Price: Please call for rate and availability