Inflatable Galactic Skeeball Game


The future has come fast with inflatable games. We now offer the new version of the old time classic skeeball. Our Inflatable Galactic Skeeball Game Rental will challenge your skills and now adds a faster pace to the all time classic skeeball game. The object of the Inflatable Galactic Skeeball Game is to roll your balls up the lane and hit the lighted light that is glowing. Every time you hit the light our electronic scoring system adds up your hits.  The game last 45 seconds and the winner of the bout is announced at the end of the game. This can be a one player game but it is so much more exciting playing against a competitior. We highly reccomend this game as a new addition to any event and will keep your guests wanting to challenge their friends or co-workers. In addition to the Inflatable Galactic Skeeball Game we offer a few more games that offer the new interactive play systems. Please call our office and our friendly staff can walk you through all our other interactive games we offer. Inflatables aren’t just for kids anymore. Adults love them too. We deliver all our interactive games to the entire San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Bay Area cities.

Please click on the this link to watch this game in action.


Ages: 6 to adult

Space requirements: 20 feet length x 12 feet wide x 9 1/2 height This requires 1 electrical outlet 110 v 15 amp circuit

Price: please call our office for pricing and availability