Inflatable Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game


We are now offering for rent this amazing new 4 player Inflatable Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game will thrill your next event. This fast pace inflatable game is perfect for your next company outing and is a perfect team building ice breaker. The object of the Inflatable Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game is 4 players are attached to bungee harnesses trying to grab balls that are in the center of the game and put them in their bag. The winner is the player that has the most balls in his or hers bag when there is no more balls in the middle of the inflatable. Sounds easy but with 4 players doing this all at one time make this super fun to watch and play. The Inflatable Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game is just like the family fun board game that was very popular in the late 70’s early 80’s.

Why rent the Inflatable Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game?

Please watch the video to see this game in action

Fast pace competition game for ages 7 to adult

4 players at a time

Unique game you won’t see any where else.

We rent our Inflatable Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game all over Northern California San Francisco Bay Area Cities . We can offer a referee to manage the winner of each game (additional fee). Let us wow your guests at your next event and you will see your friends, family, and co workers posting their videos all over Snapchat Facebook and Instagram. The Inflatable Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game is perfect for your next school pep rally, high school sober grad party, or after prom event. Our company (Lets Party) has always had a good eye at creating unique interactive games for you to rent and share with your guests at your events and parties. Call us to have us create a package of inflatable games for your next big event.


Ages: 7 to adult

Space Requirements: 30 ft length x 30 ft width x 11 ft height. Requires 1 separate 110v 20 amp circuits. (we also rent generators)

Price: $595.00 for a 4-hr rental


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