Karaoke Video Recording Booth


Our Karaoke Machine Rental makes everyone a star performer. Step inside our unique video-recording booth, choose your favorite song from our library of hundreds of hit titles, put on your headphones and you and a friend can walk away with a recording of your hit song. Words come on the screen letting you know when to sing the words. Once the song is over you will be rated by the 3 virtual judges then you will have the option to share your creation through the internet. Sharing your song is easy by sending the song via text or email. In our Karaoke Video Recording Booth everyone is a star when they step into our professional soundproof recording booth.

Click here to see a sample  

Choose your favorite song from our library of hit titles. Inside, guests can listen to their chosen song through headphones. The studio includes all of the latest hits, as well as classics. Guests leave with recordings of their performance. Professional sound equipment and the acoustic isolation booth will make you sound like the next big star from the voice.

We will deliver and staff this Karaoke machine rental at your next event in the cities of San Francisco, San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Mountain View, Oakland, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and all over the Northern California Bay Area.


Ages: 7 to adult

Space requirements: 8 feet Length x 6 feet Width x 8 feet Height

requires flat level ground and 2 electrical outlets

Price:  Please call 888-630-3866 for info.


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