Stick It Archery Game Rental


You can be the next Robin Hood of your neighboorhood or work place when you rent our Stick It Archery Game Rental. This completley safe archery game can be played with 1 or 2 players. Players take turn shooting there colored arrows at the Stick It Archery Game Rental. The player with the most arrows closer to the bulleyes target is the winner.

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We have added a bonus when you rent the Stick It Archery Game Rental. We can flip the game around or change the banner for you so that you and your competitior can play archery tic tac toe. Each player gets there own colored arrows and shoots at the tic tac toe board trying to score 3 in a row.

All our sports games including the Stick It Archery Game Rental have been tested by our staff and are safe to play. When our staff delivers and sets up your rental equipment we give you a how to play and a complete walk through on each game.

Stick It Archery Game Rental can be set up on grass or cement (sorry no dirt or sand). We deliver all our interactive sports game rentals to the entire San Francisco Bay Area cities in Northern California. Please give our office a call to add this to your event.


We highly recommend a flat surface with either grass or cement (no dirt or sand).
Space required at least 15 feet in length x 15 feet in width
1 electrical outlet is required.

Ages 7 to adult

Rental Rate:  $199.00 for 4 hour rental.

Replacement Arrows Are 18.00 each



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