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Bingo game

Product Details

BINGO!!  Get ready to shout BINGO! With this all time classic favorite game for all ages alike.  This classic game is here to stay.  Win the game by spining the hand cranked spinning wheel where the ball comes out of the ball chute to display the number on the ball to match the number on your very own number playing  card.
Once a person has a vertical, horizontal, or any line completed with numbers drawn, they shout BINGO and win the game.
We service the Central Coast, Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz, San Francisco Bay Are and all surrounding areas.
Please note that due to the low cost of this game we are unable to deliver if that is the only item you need, please call for pick-up  options.

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for all ages

Price: $69.00 for a 4 hour rental, includes 50 Cards, Cage, Balls and Ball Holder

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