Create your own Lip-Balm Craft Carnival Item

Product Details

Create Your Own Lip Balm is a new and exciting feature for every party. Simply pick out the desired flavors, blast them into your colorful tube and let them freeze before your eyes. Within minutes you can have beautiful, tasty lips.
This is the most new and exciting craft for any School Carnival, festival, fair, corporate event or any other event. These take away tubes can be customized with your school or company logo, this is also great for Trade Show Booths as it will draw people into your booth!
Now serving the San Francisco, San Jose, Bay Area and Monterey Bay with this amazing item.
Please watch this video on how its done.
video available for this product

Product Description

Ages: 6 to adult

Space requirements: 8ft x 8ft

Requires one electrical outlet

Price: $349.00 for 100 tubes of custom labeled lip balm. Please call our office for a custom quote if your event needs more product or if you have questions: 1-888-630-3866 or 831-757-4781

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