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It’s A Bird.. Its’s A Plane.. No It’s A  Flogos Floating Foam Advertising Cloud. We have this amazing new product to get your message across the sky. Flogos Floating Foam Advertising Clouds are a flying logos and a social media campaign all in one. Engage your target audience with your logo or message floating through the sky. You can now present your message, symbol and logos in a way that will truly grab the human eye. Our Flogos Floating Foam Advertising Clouds is completely bio degradable. The Flogos Floating Foam Advertising Clouds takes 30-45 seconds to make and will dissolves after 45 minutes. The  Flogos Floating Foam Advertising Clouds can be seen 300-500 feet in the air. The Flogos Floating Foam Advertising Clouds consist of helium, compressed air and a special mixture of Flogos Juice. This combination of the three creates floating clouds to be seen from long distances.

As many of us as a child, we spent some time either laying on the grass or riding in a car watching clouds roll by and imagining what shape we could see in the fluffy clouds. Now we can bring thing imagination back with our Flogos Floating Foam Advertising Clouds. From Mickey Mouse’s iconic head to your favorite car logo or even your favorite sports team logo. We can create Flogos Floating Foam Advertising Clouds with your business logo or your favorite design. A great way to create the ultimate buzz at your next big trade show is to have our  Flogos Floating Foam Advertising Clouds in your trade show booth inside the convention center of your trade show.

We can create your promotion or event anywhere in California. We deliver  and rent our Flogos Floating Foam Advertising Clouds to the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose Silicon Valley, Oakland, East Bay, and the Monterey Santa Cruz Central Coast area of Northern California.

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