Giant Space Invader Arcade Game

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Giant Space Invader Arcade Game is one of the nostaligic arcde game ever made. The Giant Space Invader Arcade Game is back and super sized. Two players play on a giant monitor 8×6 feet large with oversized laser guns (no projectiles are being shot out)

Giant Space Invader Arcade Game is very easy and simple to play. You are a space ship who must take out the invading enemy space ships as they drop down upon you. Use the fire buttons to shot the gun at the enemy and blow up each ship. As your trying to take out the enemy space ship they are trying to destroy you and tour competitor.  The Space Invaders get faster and faster until the last remaining ship appears to move at near light speed. To ensure your life is safe hide behind walls and build a strategy of taking out the enemy. Try to blast out whole rows of Space Invaders at once. It makes it easier to firw shots into a crowd rather than pinpoint each single ship.

Giant Space Invader Game rental has a lot of new items added to this game. The monitor is 8×6 feet large that has a high visual appeal. The game also uses these really neat sound effects that are built into the seat . Also the guns that shoot the lasers are state of the art technology. The game is suitable for ages 8 to adult. The space invader game has also a built in programable promotional advertising display screens.  This is a amazing show stopping arcade game for your next graduation, trade show or  company party.

All our arcade game rentals can be delivered to your event location or company break room. We deliver to California cities including San Francisco, San Jose, Paso Robles, Oakland, and the entire bay area.

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for ages 8 to adult

Dimensions:10 feet long x  8 feet wide x 10 feet tall 1 electrical outlet needed

Price: 4 hour rental rate ,Please call our office for a quote.

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