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Inflatable Battle Zone

Product Details

Enjoy our new inflatable called the Battle Zone! This is a great battle of the ages inflatable where two competitors climb up their own inflatable stairway and then walk the plank to do epic battle 8 feet up in the air with our jousting poles. The last person standing is the winner. If you happened to get knocked off the inflatable plank you will fall into a inflatable stunt bag style zero shock mattress (safety is our main concern). This brings jousting to the next level. The battle is a great view from down below where you will have your party attendees taking pictures and videos and it may even go viral. The inflatable battle zone is a take of the old show of battle of the network stars which was a huge hit in the 80’s. The Inflatable Battle Zone is a Jousting arena on Steroids. Ask us about having the inflatable battle zone tournament for your company event.

Product Description

Ages: 7 to adult

Space Requirements: 32 ft length x 30 ft width x 18 ft height. Requires 4 separate 110v 20 amp circuits. (we also rent generators)

Price: Call For Pricing

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