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Old West Shooting Gallery

Product Details

The Old West Shooting Gallery  just like you’ve played at Santa Cruz Beach and Boardwalk or Knott’s Berry Farm. Step right up and see how well you can shoot. You hit the targets with our unique laser light system and when you hit the target sirens, bells, and skeletons pop up and give you a show. We offer this in a play for pay or we can offer this as free play and you can use as many times as you want without paying $1.00 for 20 shots. This Old West Shooting Gallery is a great item to rent for your next western theme party. We also rent this out and run it at many events in the western states. We have the only portable Old West Shooting Gallery on the west coast.

Video available for this item

Features Include:

  • 4 Stations consisting of 2 rifles and 2 pistols
  • 4 Scoring Units
  • 4 Scoring Units
  • Compressor
  • Water Shoot back System on 6 targets

Comes with 19 targets which include:

  • 1 Jail Sign
  • 1 Spittoon
  • 1 Crow
  • 1 Lantern #1
  • 1 Sheriff in Rocker
  • 1 Spinning Jug
  • 1 Water Pump w/Bucket
  • 1 Breaking Bottle
  • 1 Tilting Saloon Sign
  • 1 Dropping Spider
  • 1 Alley Cat
  • 1 GHOUL Tombstone
  • 1 Skeleton in Jail
  • 1 Frying Pan
  • 1 Breaking Window
  • 1 Wilting Flower
  • 1 Dancing Boots
  • 1 Lantern #2
  • 1 Rattlesnake on Rock

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for all ages

Space requirements: 24L x 15W x 12H

Price: Please call 888-630-3866 with a zip code for more accurate quote total.

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