Salt Water Taffy Bar Rental

Product Details

Looking for a really neat idea for your next event? Try our new Salt Water Taffy Bar. Your guests will love this new concept for a great dessert idea. We bring the Salt Water Taffy Bar to your event and we can provide bags for your guests to fill up as a take home bag or you can have your guests enjoy the many flavors at your party. Who wouldn’t want to try Salt Water Taffy Bar flavors like Chicken & Waffles, Cotton Candy, Frosted Cupcake, S’mores, and traditional flavors like Strawberry, Watermelon, Green Apple. We can provide 12 different flavors to up to 22 different flavors depending on how big your party or event is. Ask us about using our Salt Water Taffy Bar at your next school fundraiser or school carnival.

Using our Salt Water Taffy Bar will be easy for you to have at your next carnival theme, candy land party, or corporate retreat function. We bring our rolling display Salt Water Taffy Bar to your event we provide all the product (salt water taffy) and bags. All of our Salt Water Taffy Bar rental-types are fresh and made for us by an American made company only using the best ingredients available they have been in business only making taffy since 1916.

Try using our old time classic Salt Water Taffy Bar at your next San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, East Bay, Monterey Santa Cruz event and ask us about providing your favorite flavor. We can also provide a carnival theme tent (additional cost) to cover this  Salt Water Taffy Bar in case its a warm day outside.

These are the flavors we usually have in stock.

Blueberry Muffin                      Bubble Gum                  Caramel Apple

Caramel Cheesecake                Chicken & Waffles        Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cotton Candy                            Frosted Cupcake          Green Apple

Key Lime                                   Lemon Meringue          Maple Bacon

Neapolitan                                 Orange Creme              Raspberry Lemonade

Rootbeer Float                          S’mores                         Strawberry

Tropical Punch                         Watermelon                  Vanilla 

Product Description

Salt Water Taffy Bar Party Packages

All Packages include Taffy Bar and Taffy Bags

Package A

12 Flavors (60 pieces per flavor) $149.00

Enough sweets for 60-80 people

Package B

20 Flavors (60 pieces per flavor) $225.00

Enough sweets for 100-130 people

Package C

20 Flavors (120 pieces per flavor) $399.00

Enough sweets for 200-240 people

Package D

20 Flavors (250 pieces per flavor) $749.00

Enough sweets for 450-500 people

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