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Our Snow Machine Rental provides the effect of snow. Meaning that the machines come with a snow fluid solution that when used, looks like falling snow flakes. This solution is made to look like snow but does not stick to the ground or build up. The snow machines and solutions are much like the product that is used for the famous “Snow On Main Street” in Disneyland.

Our Snow Machines are often used for event entryways, home rooftops, at annual tree lighting ceremonies and many holiday parties. These are great rentals to give your event or party that extra pop of holiday spirit. Simply mount the item outside your living room window or event entryway and transform your California weather into the snowy holiday season we all dream about.

Here are the links to a few different snow machine rentals we offer for the holiday season with videos showing how the machines works. We have also included some rough pricing below each item. If you would like a full quote with delivery please let us know.

$249.00 (Please Call to discuss free pick up/return & special delivery pricing)

$599.00 (Please Call to discuss special delivery pricing)

$349.00 (Please Call to discuss free pick up/return & special delivery pricing)

Snow Machine Trussing is $65.00

Extra Snow Fluid is available by the gallon for $39.00

If you are looking for a snow machine that produces real snow for building snowmen, sledding or snowball fights our machines will not work. You will need to contact a local ice company that comes out and makes the snow for you. Real snow can get quite heavy on cost usually in the $6,000-$8000 range depending on area.

Let’s Party has a wide variety of holiday rentals available in the greater San Francisco area including Northern California, San Jose, East Bay, Monterey Bay, and Santa Cruz. Wondering if we rent in your area? Please call us and we would be happy to discuss.

Product Description

We have many snow machines available for rent.

Please call our office for prices on the one that fits you best needs.


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