Arcade Game Rentals

We offer one of the largest selections of classic arcade game rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Bring one of the original arcade machines to your special event and party like it’s the 80s and 90s all over again!

We have been renting classic arcade games since 1996 and our machines are truly vintage, kept and maintained in their original cabinets. We really work hard to provide you with an authentic experience.

If retro is what you seek, you are in for a treat!  Browse our inventory of over 100 arcade machines to find the perfect fit for your party, bar mitzvah, tradeshow or other special event.

Game Patrol Video Game Trailer

The mobile game unit that brings the party to you! Step inside and plug into the best mobile video party trailer on four wheels! Great for any type of party or event including your next tailgate party. Renting to the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay Our state of the art mobile…

Ultimate Guitar Hero

Ultimate Guitar Hero is a pretty fancy set up where we install a 50″ TV on a 8 ft aluminum truss and provide two Peavey professional guitars (not the plastic cheap ones) for two players to rock out with a premium sound system provided by us.

Grip Strength Tester Arcade Game

Grip Strength is a brand new highly interactive novelty game where players measure the maximum strength of their hands and forearm muscles. We put the machine on free play for your party patrons and let the competition begin. Prior to game play, players select their age and gender. Soon after, players squeeze the steel reinforced…
Crane Machine Game Rental

Claw / Crane Machine Games

Crane machine games aren’t just for the arcades anymore. A Claw / Crane Machine is a great way to give away prizes or promotional items at your event or party. Increase traffic at your trade show booth, school function or carnival with a prize that will draw in the crowd. We can custom wrap the machine with…

Ultimate Arcade Game

Play your favorite classic games with the Ultimate Arcade 2 by the Chicago Gaming Company. The Ultimate Arcade has all your favorite games from Atari, Capcom, Exidy, Irem, Incredible Technologies, Midway, Stern and Taito. It even has a deactivated coin door so you can play for free! Features legendary arcade games, authentic in every detail,…

512 Games Pub Style Arcade Game

This arcade video game is a gamer’s ultimate dream. We have this classic style arcade game in a pub style version. This video game has 512 games loaded and ready for 2 players to take action. The games included are games like Space Invader, Mortal Combat, Street Fighter, NBA Games, Simpsons, Star Wars. We have…
Pac-Man 80s Arcade Game Rental

Pac-Man Arcade Game

Some things just get better with time. Nothing compares to the 80s arcade Pac-Man originals. With 12 vintage games, play all of your favorite classic arcade games in one cabinet. Gather around with friends and family to experience the look, feel and sounds you can only get with this classic arcade game machine. Share old memories with…