Water Game Rentals

San Francisco Bay Area Water Game Rentals

Inflatable Water Splasher Game Rental

Inflatable Water Splasher Game Rental is designed especially for all ages. Who doesn’t like to get a little wet when its a scorcher outside? This 15 foot giant themed water faucet works great for those hot days. We are always on the hunt to bring unique games and solutions for your party or event. The Inflatable Water…

Inflatable Foam Pit Party

Foam parties make everlasting memories of fun and laughs to all that attend. Do not settle for the typical crowded, hot and sweaty dance scene when you can be covered from head to toe in refreshing, luxurious FOAM! You might think foam is made from soap and water, so you are going to get cold,…

Water Wars Balloon Battle

Drop a water balloon into catapult; pull down the handle, aim and fire. Your water bomb soars high through the air and comes crashing down on your opponent’s battle station. Direct hit. But wait…incoming; in no time at all, everyone’s soaked. Great Fun!  
Water Slide Rentals Bay Area

19ft Inflatable WipeOut Slide Dry/Wet

Our 19ft Inflatable WipeOut Slide is available as a new item. The Wipeout inflatable slide is a great item to add to any beach, tropical or Hawaiian theme party. This inflatable slide also works well with our mechanical surfboard, inflatable shark bouncer, or our mechanical shark ride. Have it dry or add some water for…

Silly Shower Dunk Tank

This is one water attraction that is great indoors and/or outdoors. Place that (special) person inside the shower and then Putt that golf ball into the hole and watch the shower soak them. Two (2) available targets: Putting or Ball toss.

Beat The Bucket

Beat The Bucket is unlike any rental game you have ever seen. More interaction, increased competition, and a twist of technology have helped to create a unique experience for all involved. In almost all water games, a single player stands or sits while a second player tries to hit a target that will dump, dunk,…

Dunk Tanks

We have awesome dunk tanks that make quite the splash at your party!  Are you looking for a great fundraising tool?  Renting a dunk tank is a great way to raise funds for your team, school or local cause. Our dunk tanks are safe and reliable. They use 350 gallons of water and have a…