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Dunk Tanks

Inflatable Water Game Rental

Inflatable Water Splasher Game Rental

This Inflatable Water Game Rental is perfect for all ages. This 15 foot giant themed water faucet works great for cooling off on those hot days. This inflatable has a totally sealed floor with a drainage flap for water to drain fast and easily. The floor is also made with non slip vinyl for safety.…
Silly Shower Dunk Tank

Silly Shower Dunk Tank

The Silly Shower Dunk Tank is one water attraction that is great indoors and/or outdoors. Place that special person inside the Silly Shower Dunk Tank shower and putt that golf ball into the hole to watch the shower soak them. Two (2) available targets: Putting or Ball toss. Let’s Party has a variety of dunk…

Beat The Bucket

Beat The Bucket is unlike any rental game you have ever seen. More interaction, increased competition, and a twist of technology have helped to create a unique experience for all involved. In almost all water games, a single player stands or sits while a second player tries to hit a target that will dump, dunk,…
Carnival Dunk Tank

Dunk Tanks

Add a carnival dunk tank to make quite the splash at your next party!  Are you looking for a great fundraising tool?  Renting a dunk tank is a great way to raise funds for your team, school or local cause. Our carnival dunk tank is safe and reliable. It uses 350 gallons of water and…