Novelty Concession

Let’s face it, part of the fun of going to a carnival or fair is sampling the food. Let’s Party rents machines for creating your favorite concessions, including hot dogs, popcorn, mini donuts, cotton candy and sno cones.

We also provide a selection of novelty party items, including fog machines, bubble machines and costume rentals, as well as giant versions of classic games like Giant Jenga.

Worried that your guests will be too cold? We rent Lava Patio Heaters to bring warmth to your outdoor party. Worried that your guests will be too hot? We rent Aviator Extreme Misting Cooling Fans to bring relief form the hot summer sun.

Wedding Drink Pictures

Drink Your Logo

Drink Your Logo is a fun new innovated way of having your company logo on your favorite beverage. We simply put on a special layer of topping on top of your drink. Then we print out that special image you want to have on that hot or cold drink. Easy and fun this will wow…
cotton candy machine rental bay area

Cotton Candy Vending Machine

What better way to make cotton candy and not have a sticky mess! Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine is a self-contained machine that spins cotton candy when your guests need their sugar fix. Watch this rental make large clouds of puffy fluff on a stick every time. Press the start button and the machine will produce…
Inflatable Poop Emoji Bounce House

Big Stink Poop Emoji Inflatable

Have your next event go viral or get the most likes on social media with our new Big Stink Poop Emoji Inflatable. Guaranteed to get more pictures and videos of the whole party. Your guests will want to either climb inside to take photos or just pose next to it to take a video. Please click…
lighted beer pong table rental

Lighted Beer Pong Table

Our Lighted Beer Pong Table Rental will amaze your guests at your next tailgate party, wedding, corporate event or craft beer celebration. We have created this Lighted Beer Pong Table Rental with many options. On both sides of the tables there are Led Lights to help assist on where to place the solo cup triangle.…
Giant Beer Pong Game Rentals

Giant Beer Pong

Let us “wow” your guests with our Giant Beer Pong game rental. It is so big, it won’t even fit on a table! Instead, our giant beer pong sets up outside or another large open space. Perfect for any wedding, corporate event, bachelor party or anywhere with a large open space! Instead of the classic…
Champagne Glass Rental San Francisco Bay Area

Giant Champagne Glass Prop Rental

Ring in the new year with our Giant Champagne Glass Prop Rental. This is a beautiful tall XXL Champagne flute glass ready for you to be creative and fill up with chocolate, strawberries, or of course your favorite Champagne if you wish. These glasses are made of hard acrylic not glass so no worry of broken…
Big Wine Glass Prop Rental

Giant Wine Glass Prop Rental

Looking for some ideas to create the perfect one of a kind look for your bar or trade show booth? Our Giant Wine Glass Prop Rental is a perfect idea to have customers enter there business card into for a drawing. Another great idea is to make this your cork storage for when your at your…
Cooling Fan Rentals San Francisco Bay Area

Event Cooling Fan Rentals

Beat the heat at this years event with our very popular Event Cooling Fan Rentals. Your guests will stay longer and happier at your next wedding or company gathering when they are cooled off with these cool zone fans. These Event Cooling Fan Rentals blow cool air (not mist) in the place you direct them keeping things…
lighted tree rentals california

Lighted Trees Event Rentals

Are you thinking of decorating your dream wedding or holiday Christmas party in style? Our LED Lighted Trees Event Rentals will transform an indoor space making it cozy but attractive – giving it that over the top look!! Lets Party Salinas carries a wide variety of LED Lighted Trees that will provide just the right ambiance you…

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