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Event Cooling Fan Rentals

Product Details

Beat the heat with our very popular Event Cooling Fan Rentals. This party fan rental will ensure your guests stay longer and happier at your next wedding or company gathering when they are cooled off with these cool zone fans. These party fan rentals blow cool air (not mist) keeping things dry not moist.

The Event Cooling Fans can cool off up to 1350 square feet. They run quietly with a digital timer and adjustable speed all with a remote control. No installation or special ducting is required. The water capacity is 21 gallons and can run continuously for up to ten hours.

We rent these cooling fans and our misting fans in the greater San Francisco area including Northern California, San Jose, East Bay, Monterey Bay, and Santa Cruz. Wondering if we rent in your area? Please call us at 1-888-630-3866.

Please keep in mind this party fan rental will sell out quickly during a heat wave.

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for all ages

Space requirements:

Width 30 in.

Height 55 in.

Depth 23 in.

Power Requirement: Our Cooling  Fans Use 1 Electrical Outlet

Price: Please Call For Pricing.

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