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Alien Invasion Game Rental

Product Details

Get ready for out of this world fun! Our Alien Invasion Game Rental allows two players at a time to play. For scoring purposes, the players are identified as ‘red’ or ‘blue’. There are 5 lighted alien domes per player. As the alien dome lights up, whack it with the palm of your hand. If the light goes out, it’s a score! The domes continue to light up in a random order for 45 seconds. Whack as many as you can! The game records a score for each successful hit. When the game ends, the winning player is announced. Be the champion of the Galaxy!

The Alien Invasion Game Rental has the most incredible and colorful graphics, which really add to your event dynamics! It’s a fun and easy game for ages 6 and up that will appeal to just about everyone. People get competitive and intense when playing this game, which fuels the excitement of bystanders and spectators, adding to the overall experience.

The Alien Invasion can be branded with your company logo, team name, school name or event theme for an additional fee.  Add on our Rocketman Mechanical Rocketship Ride Rental and you’ve got a fantastic base for an ‘out of this world’ event!

Lets Party has an extensive variety of arcade games, inflatables, competitive games and more. Give us a call if you need help selecting items for your event. We look forward to helping make your event memorable!

Product Description

Dimensions: 48″ wide x 30″ deep x 58″ tall

Ages: 6 and up

Battery powered, no electricity required

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