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LED Glow Digital Wall

Product Details

The LED Glow Digital Wall will totally change the mood of your next event with its bright, glowing digitally animated visuals. These LED lighted wall panels have a library of effects and can be rented singularly or in multiples. We can create a number of design elements for your event by connecting up to six panels or placing individual panels at various sites within your event. There are so many dazzling light and animated options on the LED Glow Digital Wall. When the panels are connected to each other, they can be synced. And guess what?! They can also be set up to be synchronized to music!

If you want to really up the energy of your event, check out some of our other LED/Glow rentals. We have LED lit Swings, Benches, and numerous LED games as well as our extremely popular LED lit Trees! These LED wall panels are like a digital canvas, flashing and blinking excitement into your event! Talk about a photo op, your guests will be waiting in line to take pics and selfies here!

For the best effect, the LED Glow Digital Wall should be set up indoors where the surrounding light can be controlled. Obviously, the darker the environment, the more brilliant the effect. While the panels can be set up outdoors, they are sensitive to weather, especially wind, and naturally lend themselves to after dark events if they are to be used outdoors.

Give us a call to help line up a full array of LED/Glow rentals for your event or after dark party!

Product Description

Space Required: 8′ x 8′

Power Requirements: Needs 1 regular outlet per panel

NOTE: To achieve maximum impact from this rental, indoor light should be muted;  Outdoor use restrictions due to weather/daylight. This is an LED lit rental and will likely not meet your expectations if used outdoors in daylight hours. It is not recommended for use outdoors in daytime lighting.

Pricing: If renting 3-6 connecting wall panels, please call for pricing as configuration and set up is more detailed.

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