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Glowing Frisbee Toss Game

Product Details

The original playing instructions for the Frisbee, dating back to its invention in the 1950s, were “PLAY CATCH AND EXPERIMENT’ with different throwing and catching techniques. From beach games, playing with your dog or disc golf, a frisbee has likely been tossed by just about everyone! Thus, when your event/party guests see the Glowing Frisbee Toss Game they will all want to give it a try. It’s a game that¬†will challenge even the most skilled athlete yet provide fun and entertainment for all ages. It may even rekindle a few warm memories.

But back to our Glowing Frisbee Toss Game! There are two opportunities for ‘scoring’ here: a basic, rectangular slot and a more challenging “X” shaped slot. The glowing board teases you to go for the X, but personally, I’d try the rectangular slot first. (Don’t want to embarrass myself on the first throw!) But the best part is…the frisbees actual glow! Imagine this at an “After Dark” party or in combo with a multitude of our LED Glow rentals! Pics of your event will be burning up social media! And your guests will be talking about it for a long time.

What really makes this game pop is our incredible LED Glow Digital Wall as a backdrop. (This would be an additional rental item and isn’t included.) You can check out all of our LED Glow rentals by clicking the following link. We have games as well as props/decor.¬†


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Product Description

Space Required: 8 ft. x 8 ft. or larger

Power Requirements: 1 electrical outlet OR Battery Pack ($18) which we can provide

Stands on the floor – NO Dirt or Sand

Glowing Frisbee replacement – $30/each


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