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LED Bowling Ball Challenge

Product Details

Are you looking for a fun, entertaining game that is as much about luck as it is about skill? Give our LED Bowling Ball Challenge game a try! It only requires 8′ x 3′ of space, comes on its own 8′ table with a black table cover, and it is LED lit to add that glowing dimension to your event. Naturally, it comes with a bowling ball, too!

Here’s how you play! Push the ball down the elevated lane, which has a slight mound in the center. The object is to have enough momentum to get the ball over the hill, but not so much that when it hits the back stop it can come back over the hill to you. It’s trickier than it sounds. You can see by the video that it’s a game that can be played by most ages and skill levels.

This would be a great attraction at a trade show, carnival, glow party, company event and more. It doesn’t take much to ignite a competitive spirit and the LED Bowling Ball Challenge does just that. Set it up to play for prizes, fun or just bragging rights – it’s up to you. (prizes not included)

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Product Description

Space Requirements: 8 ft. long x 3 ft. wide

Electrical: 1 electrical outlet required OR battery pack which we can provide for $18.00

Comes with 1 8 ft. table, black table cover, LED lane and bowling ball


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