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Rock Star Drum Set Rental Bay Area

Music Machine Mania

Music-themed arcade games are a great way to engage your guests.  Music machines are interactive and fun, whether you are playing a virtual instrument, singing along to a karaoke machine or desperately trying to follow dance steps.  Music arcade games get you moving and provide hours of entertainment. Drum Arcade Games We have a couple…
Beat Saber VR Arcade Game Rental

Virtual Reality Games are Trending in 2019

Another year and another trend is sweeping the gaming industry. Virtual reality technology is hot.  More and more manufacturers are incorporating Virtual Reality into their rides and games with VR headsets.  And there is no wonder that VR is so popular. This technology takes the gaming experience to the next level by offering sensory feedback…

Crowd-pleasing Party Ideas for the “Photo Bombers” and “Gamers”!

When hosting a party, it’s important to consider the entirety of the group in attendance. Activities like inflatable bounce houses and curling rinks are fun for many but if some in your group are a smidge uncoordinated or simply prefer low-key activities, you may want to consider a couple of crowd-pleasing activity options for your…
Inflatable Snow Globe Rental San Francisco

For winter parties, there’s no fun like snow fun!

You don’t have to live in northern climates to enjoy the thrills of hosting a snow-themed winter party. When you picture your party, do you envision real snow, snow ball fights, and even sledding? With a variety of all-climate snow activities available at Let’s Party, your party can have all that and more … even…

4 Adventurous Team-Building Activities for Your Next Corporate Holiday Event

The annual corporate holiday event is a great opportunity for your team to celebrate the holiday season – and a long, busy year at work. Of course, you could follow the standard protocol of decorating the office and doling out gift cards; or you could do something totally different and host an event featuring adventurous…
Christmas Holiday Backdrop Photo Booth Rental San Francisco Bay Area

Tips for Planning an On-Site Corporate Holiday Event

Make work “all fun and games” again! You don’t have to book a fancy restaurant or decorate rented tables at an expensive venue, to create a memorable corporate holiday event for your employees. In fact, oftentimes staying put and hosting a holiday event right in the office is most efficient. It saves you and your…
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