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Winter Olympics Watch Parties are the Next Big Thing

2022 Winter Olympics

While it’s sometimes hard to justify spending so much time watching the Summer Olympics (when the weather is so beautiful outdoors and Summer activities await), there’s really no excuse when it comes to the Winter Olympics. Without sounding like a Debbie Downer, the Winter months suck and by February, the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing will certainly be a welcome distraction.

Make the Olympics into a sociable event by hosting a “Watch Party”.  Let’s Party can even deliver the snow to miraculously transform your San Fransisco Bay Area venue into a snow-covered Winter wonderland.  Our Snow Machine Music Tower Rental will set the perfect stage for your party without the freezing temps!

Olympics watch parties are popular all over the country, but not everyone is as lucky as we are to have mild Winter weather (probably shouldn’t complain about it, huh?). This awesome 20ft by 16ft Inflatable Screen is perfect for watching the Olympics outside.

While you watch the athletes compete for Olympic medals, set up some competitive games so that kids and adult party guests alike can compete in Olympic style events for their own gold medal. Our Ice Curling Rental is the perfect addition to your party, along with the Mechanical Snowboard (eat your heart out Carrot Top!). And if that all sounds like way too much work, set up a Portable Ice Skating Rink instead. Guests can choose whether they use it for leisurely figure skating or a competitive ice hockey game.

Regardless of how you want to enjoy the Winter Olympics, we have you covered. Now that all remains is for you to decide whether you want light snow flurries or a hardcore snowstorm?