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Movie Night Screen Rental

Product Details

Perfect for movie night by the pool or drive in movies.

Bring back the drive-in movies by watching the inflatable Movie Night Screen with projector rental in the San Francisco Bay area. Experience a fun flick outside in your car or by enjoying the movie on the grass. A big projector rental screen is perfect for an outdoor movie, Movie Night, or Drive in Movie across the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our 20′ wide x 16′ tall sealed air inflatable movie screen has no blower noise, to ensure you can hear the movie. Our 3000 watt JL sound system with 11 speakers can also boom up to 25 feet tall to spread out the sound. This rental comes complete with a 3500 Lumen wide screen projector, Blu Ray player / DVD Player. Add a wireless microphone to your movie night for only $49.95 with a 300 foot range. The projector and sound system require power so if your movie is at an area without electricity we rent super quiet Honda generators.

No movie is complete without a popcorn machine or old fashion popcorn cart. We rent food machines  from cotton candy, sno-cone, Nacho, Hot Dog, and even ice cream machines. Let us know and we can rent you blankets for your guests to sit on or keep warm when the sun goes down. Add some LED lighted benches for that extra glow

We love large neighborhood movie events, community get together movie nights and backyard parties.  With our experience and custom sound equipment, your movie event will be a huge blockbuster  success.

Let’s Party Movie Night Screen with projector rental is available in the San Francisco Bay area including Northern California, San Jose, East Bay, Monterey Bay, and Santa Cruz. Wondering if we rent in your area? Please call us and we would be happy to discuss.

We have multiple size screens  in stock and ready for your guests to enjoy.

Do we need a license even if we don’t charge admission?
If you’re planning to show a movie at a public venue or anywhere outside your home, yes, you need a license.

Call us and we can direct you to buy the license at a discounted rate

Motion picture companies are serious about copyright laws and aren’t afraid to go to court when their rights are violated. It’s best to avoid unwanted publicity and hefty fines by getting your movie license upfront.

If you are having a movie night at your home, we ask that you rent the movie and make sure its in good working order.

Product Description

Minimum space required

  • 25 ‘ (7.62 m) wide
  • 17 ‘ (5.18 m) tall
  • 30 ‘ (9.14 m) long

We will need 1 electrical outlet to run the projector and dvd player.

The sound system doesn’t require any power and will last up to 14 hours of music or movie sound.

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