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Inflatable Strongman Competition Rental

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The Inflatable Strongman Competition Rental is one of Let’s Party Salinas’ newest inflatable competitive games. Based on the ever-popular game of Tug of War, this is a wet or dry inflatable game. Here’s how the game goes! Two players jump into the tug of war arena and each grab their place on the rope. At the agreed upon start, they each begin pulling with all their strength, trying to pull their opponent across his own ‘moat’. The ‘moat’ can be left dry or filled with water to make the game a bit more exciting. Clearly, the winner is the one who succeeds at this.

Players of similar strength will make this tug of war game more entertaining for spectators and definitely more fun and competitive for the actual players. You may decide to make it a ‘one and done’ play or ‘best out of three’ or even have a set of teams, like a relay. And the option of wet or dry makes the Inflatable Strongman Competition Rental even more versatile.

Tug of War has long been a popular sport, with evidence that it was enjoyed as long ago as 1000AD! From 1900-1920, Tug of War was featured in the Olympic Games. At the 1904 St. Louis Olympics, the USA took home the Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals! This, after only placing Silver in the 1900 Paris Olympics. Their feat was not to be repeated as the USA didn’t even place in the top three in 1908, 1912 or in 1920, which was the final year of this sport’s inclusion. In spite of not being included as an official Olympic sport, Tug of War has remained a popular team sport. Teams around the world are still grabbing a rope and facing off!

Our Inflatable Strongman Competition game is perfect for schools, corporate teambuilding, and other events. It’s appropriate for ages 10 and up. It’s amazing how fun and entertaining¬† a simple game like Tug of War can be!

Let’s Party has an incredible selection of competitive games, inflatables, carnival and arcade games, sports related games and more. We would love to help make your next event a screaming success!

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Product Description

Dimensions: 40 Ft Long x 11 Ft. Wide x 10 Ft High

Water Optional in the small moats

Ages: 10 and Up

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