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3 Player Basketball Competition Game

Product Details

NEW FOR 2024!!  Joining our extensive assortment of competition/tournament games is the 3 Player Basketball Competition Game! It’s a perfect compliment to your March Madness Festivities or any fun event where you want multiple player or scoring options for ages 8 and up.

Designed for as many as three players at a time, each player is provided with up to 12 basketballs and has two scoring lane options, each with it’s own hoop. The lower hoop scores 1 point and the higher, more challenging hoop scores 3 points. The balls that go through either of the hoops drop into the corresponding ball holding area for score calculating at the end of the game. If you don’t plan to keep score, we set it up without the velcro covers on the ball holding areas. The balls that miss roll down into a trough at the front of the game.

This fun and fast game can be a competition or free play – your choice! Either way it promises to be entertaining and challenging! Channel the excitement of March Madness for your school events, team building, corporate and sports themed events! All would be ideal venues for the 3 Player Basketball Competition Game.

This inflatable is designed for the players to stand comfortably in front of it – not on or in it. Climbing into or on the inflatable could cause injury or damage the game.

Product Description

Ages: 8 and up

Dimensions: Inflated Size 19.5 ft Long x 15 ft wide x 13 ft high

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