Snow Machine Music Tower Rental

Product Details

Snow Machine Music Tower Rental is a perfect addition to your home town holiday parade, Endless ideas of how to make a snow splash and bringing smiles to all ages. The Snow machine tower is fully equiped with over 14 JL audio top of the line speakers this system can roar if you turn it up. 3000 watts of crystal clear quality sound and having the Speaker and light tower extend 25  feet up in the air gives it even more clarity to play your favorite holiday or regular music. We also have included a wireless microphone in case you may want to make special announcements. We offer this without the snow option.

Why do you need the Snow Machine Music Tower Rental

  1. Project any type of music up to 100 yards in 360 degrees
  2. Crystal Clear Announcements for you to announce messages
  3. Lighted tower to see at night
  4. Have Music and Snow at your parade
  5. WOW Factor kids will go crazy dancing in the snow
  6. Brandable For Company Tours
  7. Grand Entrance For Your Xmas Tree Lighting
  8. Company Holiday Party Entrance

Product Description

Ages: all ages

Space requirements: 8 feet Length x 6 feet Width x 8-25 feet Height

requires flat level ground and 2 electrical outlets if using as a snow machine tower

Price:  Please call 888-630-3866 for info.

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