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Make up for Last Year – Throw an Epic Christmas Party

Christmas Party Planning

Christmas is the best time of year to bring loved ones together. Last year was difficult for so many people with COVID getting in the way of family and work celebrations across the board. Make up for the time you weren’t able to spend with loved ones last year with an epic 2021 Christmas party that doesn’t scrimp on the bells and whistles (or holly and ivy, we suppose).

Rent a Santa

Ho Ho Ho! How can you celebrate the Christmas season without Santa Claus?  Santa is the epitome of Christmas magic with his iconic red suit and white beard. If you can’t get a real-life Santa to attend your party, rent this giant inflatable Santa to ensure that everyone’s favorite jolly old man is in attendance. Give Santa that North Pole look by adding a snow machine to your rental.

Fake It

Since there won’t be any real snow in the Bay Area, the good news is that we can help you fake it. Yes, you can still create a Winter wonderland in sunny California. Our Snow Machine Music Tower not only creates beautiful fake snow, but it also plays festive Christmas tunes to get your party guests into the holiday spirit. Rent an Inflatable Snow Globe to make it feel like it’s really snowing. It will blow snow around you just like the shakable snow globe ornaments from your childhood.

Light It Up

Traditional Christmas fairy lights are beautiful and atmospheric. While you may not want to go full Clark Griswald (25,000 twinkle lights is a LOT), Christmas lights and LED lighted trees really add elegance to your event venue. With a few other traditional holiday props, your guests will really think it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Take a Ride

It’s time to really have some fun at that office party.  Rent an Inflatable Mechanical Reindeer and see how long your employees can stay on without falling off. Hint – it’s just like riding a mechanical bull.

For a different type of exhilaration, try Inflatable Snow Sledding. The inflatable features twin roller lanes covered by a snow covered tunnel. Guests bring their snow sled to the top of the slide and off they go. There is no other rental like this in the San Francisco Bay Area!