Planning a Gender Reveal Party

gender reveal party planning

While many families choose to be surprised or simply keep the gender of their baby private, an emerging trend these days is to create a dramatic gender reveal event.  We have all seen the social posts of blue or pink confetti bursting out of popped balloons, or the slicing of a cake to see which color lies within. Gender reveal parties are now as popular as baby showers and “sprinkles” – an integral part of the pregnancy experience.  Who doesn’t love an excuse for a party?

Here are our Top 10 favorite ways to reveal your baby’s gender at a party.

Dunk Tank – Choose one lucky person to be dunked. Hand them a dye packet, which will color the water either blue or pink when the dunk tank is released and the dye enters the water.

Foam Machine – Foam parties are fun for guests of all ages! Use sugar free Kool Aid packets to turn the foam blue or pink. Guests will continue to enjoy the foam beyond the “big event”.

Kaboom Blast – A unique take on balloon popping gender reveals, use the Kaboom Blast game to pump up balloons until they explode pink or blue confetti.

Giant Lite Brite – The 4 feet x 4 feet Lite Brite can be used to display pink or blue designs or a special message such as “It’s a girl!” or “Baby boy onboard!”  Remember to keep it covered until the right moment.

Giant Operation Game – Place a pink or blue colored piece in the stomach of the lifelike fiberglass patient to represent a baby in his or her mother’s womb.

Snow Cannon Machine – Shoot Pink or blue snow 50 – 75 feet in the air using the snow cannon.

Find the Golden Egg – In this classic game of luck, what could be more chance-based than the gender of a baby?  In place of a golden egg, use either a pink or blue egg. Take turns putting your hand in a hole and pulling out an egg until you find the colored one.

Cow Milking Game – Stay on theme with a milking game. Milk “Ole’ Bessie” to discover which color milk she will produce – pink or blue.

Cotton Candy / Sno Cones – Follow up the grand reveal with either blue or pink colored cotton candy or snow cones.

Lighted Trees – If you’re hosting your party at night, use LED trees to light up blue or pink when the special moment arrives. Take the experience to the next level with a themed firework display.

Finding out whether you’re having a girl or a boy is an exciting moment. Share your joy with your family and friends and create an event that everyone will remember.