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Kaboom Blast Game

Product Details

The kaboom balloons Boom Blaster game combines the excitement of a balloon-popping contest with a safe, authentic-looking blasting detonator straight from the Saturday cartoons. Two or more players frantically pump, inflating their balloons until they reach the balloon-bursting arcs. First to burst – BOOM! – is the winner. (Small, well-labeled points help burst balloons when they reach air capacity).

This carnival party rental provides fabulous visual fun and excitement for any Central Coast, Silicon Valley, Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz or San Francisco Bay Area indoor or outdoor event.

The Boom Blaster fun game is rented in sets of 2 Boom Blasters so that there can always be head-to-head competition!

There are many ways to play Boom Blaster:

  • 2-PERSON BLAST-OFF – Two people pump away to see who can be first to burst. A real crowd pleaser at special events!
  • TAG TEAM BOOM RELAY – Two (or more) teams line up about 10 feet from the Boom Blaster units. At the start each person runs to the Boom Detonator, pumps handle 5 times, runs back to tag the hand of the next person. This is repeated until the winning team bursts its balloon! (Or, play so that the winning team is the one whose balloon doesn’t pop.)
  • BOOM TIME COMPETITION – With one unit, contestants take turns trying to be the fastest to burst their balloon, based on a stopwatch.
  • PUT COUPONS IN BALLOONS – Prepare and insert small paper coupons inside the balloons you’ll be using with Boom Blaster. Then when a player wins, they get the prize listed on their coupon. Note: coupons are NOT included with the rental of this game.

Product Description

Ages: 8 – Adult

Space requirements: 8 x 8 area

Price: $225.00 for 4 hour rental. Includes 2 Kaboom Blasters & 100 balloons. 100 extra balloons – $15.00

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