Drive-In Movies COVID-Style

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It may be Winter, it may be cold and even rainy, but I bet a drive-in movie still sounds really good, right?  In this COVID era, we’re all willing to brave the elements more than we usually would to get outside and do something.

So why not organize a socially-distanced drive-in movie night for your friends, neighbors or coworkers?  And, for the gamers among you, why not use the big screen to play video games instead?

Humans are resilient and when life gives us lemons, we find a way to make lemonade 😊

Movie Theater
Create an outdoor movie theater with a 3500 Lumen wide screen projector and Blu Ray player / DVD Player. The inflatable movie screen is 20 ft wide and 16 ft tall (with no blower noise). Listen to the movie on a 3000 watt JL sound system with 11 speakers. Park cars at least 6 feet apart and roll down the windows for a perfect, socially-distanced evening.

Popcorn Machines
The movie experience is not complete without real popcorn. The sound of popping kernels and the smell of freshly popped corn will bring back memories of good times when we could go to the movie theater or watch movies at home with friends. Rent an authentic popcorn machine for your event and serve popcorn in individual bags (using gloves of course) to keep everything separate and sanitary.

Hand Washing Stations
Keep your guests clean and safe with portable hand washing stations.  When nature calls or snack covered fingers need to be cleaned, having a fully sanitized hand washing station at your drive-in movie event is a smart decision.

Video Game Playing
Video game trucks are trending right now.  Teenagers and “big kids” alike love getting together with friends to play video games.  A virus-friendly twist on this trend is drive-in video games instead of movies.  Gamers can social-distance and play video games on the big screen from the safety of their vehicles.

One thing’s for sure, we’re all sick of being stuck at home and need some normalcy to keep us sane. Bring some enjoyment to your community with a COVID-friendly event.