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Deluxe Touchless Popcorn Machine Rental

Product Details

Who doesn’t love Popcorn?! Our Deluxe Touchless Popcorn Machine Rental belongs at your next party, event, reception, movie night, or tradeshow. The mere smell of popcorn can cause one’s mouth to water and bring back so many memories! When you smell it, you want it!

Our Touchless Popcorn Machine is served without anyone having to touch it. As the popcorn pops, a delicious aroma fills the air. People gravitate toward the familiar fragrance as their stomachs rumble in anticipation of a tasty treat. Once it’s finished popping, guests hold their bag or cup under the chute and press the button. It’s easy and touchless! Nobody has to scoop it into bags/cups.

Discovered thousands of years ago, popcorn is a healthful treat. It is whole grain, gluten free, non-GMO, and naturally low in fat and calories. Considered a snack food today, popcorn was once a popular breakfast food, eaten like we eat cereal!

Did you know that we consume nearly 14 billion quarts of popcorn each year! That averages  about 43 quarts per person, based on sales 2016-2020.

Don’t you think our Deluxe Touchless Popcorn Machine Rental will be a welcome addition to your event?




Product Description

Deluxe Touchless Popcorn Machine Rental Product Details:

Comes With: supplies enough for 40 servings

Dimensions: 20″ Wide 24″ Depth 48″ Height

Space Needed: 24x28x48

Electricity? 1200 watts this needs a dedicated 110v 15 amp circuit with no longer than a 15 foot heavy duty extension cord

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