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Carnival Midway Arch Rental

Product Details

The Carnival Midway Arch Rental will provide a happy, colorful entryway to your next special event. We service and deliver to most areas of CA. Predominantly bright red and white with festive primary colored balloons depicted on the sides, this inflatable arch has a ‘Welcome to the Carnival’ sign over the entrance. The entrance is flanked by tied back ‘drapes’, lending an air of fun and curiosity. The Carnival Midway Arch Rental will heighten the joyful anticipation of your guests as they walk through to enter your main event. It can even be the entrance for a special feature section of your event. The Carnival Midway Arch Rental instantly elevates your event and brings back fond memories to your attendees of carnivals of days gone by.  And who doesn’t love a little nostalgic reminiscing?! (And world peace!)

Product Description

Ages: Suitable for all ages
Space requirements: 34 Feet Long x 9 Feet Wide x 25 Feet High
Price: Call for pricing
Power Requirements: 1 Electrical Outlet within 75 feet of set up or we can provide a generator

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