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Giant Sized Pin Art Game Rental

Product Details

Giant Sized Pin Art Game Rental is a classic game that has been played by children or adults for years. We have created this all time classic Giant Sized Pin Art Game Rental on steroids. Now one or two people can see their hands or other body parts placed in a nice design. Our Giant Sized Pin Art Game Rental doesn’t hurt because the pins are made out of high durable plastic. Custom three dimensional designs can be created by pressing body parts or other items to make a custom design so your guests can have fun. Every time we rent this the adults usually take over and the cell phones come out with your guests taking pictures of their creations and posting them on social media. PLEASE WATCH OUR VIDEO TO SEE HOW FUN THIS IS.


Giant Sized Pin Art Game Rental was once made with metal pins. Because the metal pins were so heavy and were easily bent we have moved to have them made out of plastic. Giant Sized Pin Art Game Rental was popularized in the music video in 1985 for the song “If I Was”

We rent our Giant Sized Pin Art Game Rental as a add on to any of our party rentals. We deliver this and many unique games to your event in the San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Palo Alto, Oakland, California


Product Description

Ages: Suitable for ages 5 to adult

Dimensions: this is a heavy game size for the pin art size is 6 tall feet by 4 feet wide.  electrical is required if you want led lights but not required

Price: please call our office for a quote

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