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Giant Vault Mission Impossible Game

Product Details

The Giant Vault Mission Impossible Game is an interactive single player game with adjustable difficulty levels from easy to impossible. The best way to attract clients or guests is to give away prizes to award who has a fast hand at this fast paced game rental. Just select the difficulty level and start the game. The object is to press he handheld button as the lights go around trying to stop the lights on the red to open the Vault. If you have what it takes to break the Giant Vault Mission Impossible Game you can be rewarded a prize or giveaway. It sounds easy but there are several of them to hit in 30 seconds.

This is a great game for trade show booths, traffic attention at any company parties or adult birthday parties to entertain your guests. This game is good for kids, teens, and adults and comes complete with a skirted table ready to play. School carnivals are entertained as people try to see how good there eye hand coordination is. Please watch the video (click here) to see this game in action. We deliver all our interactive and trade show games including the Giant Vault Mission Impossible Game to the entire San Francisco Bay Area cites

Product Description

Ages: 8 to adult

Size: Fits on a 4, 6, or  8 ft table or can sit on a flat surface on the ground. (Table works best)

1 electrical outlet is needed.

Price:  (LED table is not included in this rental) 125.00 extra for LED table


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