Cotton Candy Vending Machine

Product Details

What better way to make cotton candy and not have a sticky mess! Our Cotton Candy Vending Machine is a self-contained machine that spins cotton candy when your guests need their sugar fix. Watch this rental make large clouds of puffy fluff on a stick every time. Press the start button and the machine will produce a fresh stick of candy in about 60 seconds. We can offer the Cotton Candy Vending Machine on free play or we can set it to vend for you to have in your office or mall location.

Watch a video of the Cotton Candy Vending Machine in action

If you would prefer a non-automated cotton candy machine, we also offer machines that provide human-made cotton candy.

Product Description

Electricity required.

Price: please call our office for a customized quote for this machine.

We Offer Pink Or Blue Cotton Candy Sugar.

1 electrical outlet 20 amp (circuit) is required for this Cotton Candy Vending Machine Rental.

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