Ali S.

If it were possible to give 0 stars this is what I would do but, I had to click on one just to post this. Save yourself the hassle. I was told that my 1hr drive and wpcf-location would prove to be too much for her and her staff to handle, but she’ll deliver to San Francisco well over two hours away without any problems. I’m not sure who from south county offended this Cathy woman but apparently NO DELIVERIES 15min outside of Greenfield even if your willing to spend $600+ on the party and pay for her gas. “Not worth her time” and yes that is quote directly from Cathy herself. So my ANNUAL SUMMER PARTY or any other party we have throughout the year, will NOT be put on by this company and I will tell everyone I can to NEVER use Cathy because she doesn’t really deserve the respect of your patronage. If you really want to talk to some NICE and FRIENDLY FOLKS, who have the SAME QUALITY EQUIPMENT when it comes to bounce houses you should check out these two companies. They service the Monterey County area without the attitude. I only contacted Cathy because she had the ultimate waterslide/slip n slide that I really wanted for our party. I then contacted Bouncin Bins with whom I have used for the past two years and who said that they would consider making that type of inflatable one of their purchases this summer because they were looking to get some new ones. Now if they do or don’t, I don’t really care because at least they cared enough to show some gratitude for the people in need of their services. These are the type of companies that deserve respect and your business. Just wanted to add my comment back to the owner for everyone to read: I don’t live in Arroyo Seco. My address is Greenfield. And your company will drive to the city limits of Greenfield for $125 bounce house but you can’t drive an extra 15 minutes to my house for a $600 sale that is an annual event. That makes no business sense what so ever. And to have Cathy tell me that she can’t do it because it isn’t worth her time and money to have her guys get lost out here is uncomprehendable considering you service the San Jose and San Francisco areas… I’m sure nobody ever gets lost in S.F. At this point I will never use your company and I’m sure your mother doesn’t care. But I care enough to make sure that any events I’m involved in will not be using Cathy’s business.

Salinas, CA
Carmel Valley, CA