Giant Wine Glass Prop Rental


Looking for some ideas to create the perfect one of a kind look for your bar or trade show booth? Our Giant Wine Glass Prop Rental is a perfect idea to have customers enter there business card into for a drawing. Another great idea is to make this your cork storage for when your at your food and wine event and you want to show off.

These glasses are made of hard acrylic not glass so no worry of broken glass.

We have many other giant sized glasses for rent to give your event, winery, or trade show that special wow factor. The Giant Wine Glass Prop Rental is an instant ice breaker to strike up a conversation and get people to mingle. Other Large style bar glasses we offer are Champagne, Martini, Margarita, and a Beer Pilsner.


Price: Call our office for a quote or email. Ask Us About Our Multi Day Rate 831-757-4781 or 1-888-630-3866


California Wine Barrel Rentals

California Wine Barrel Rentals can be used as cocktail tables (look at pictures) or can be used as western themed event.

Margarita Machine Party Rentals

Our Margarita Machine Party Rentals don’t require any ice at all. All that is required is water and the special mix and the machine will make a refreshing cold product in about 50 minutes.

Beer Pong Table Rental Game

Our Beer Pong Table Rental Game can be played at parties, bars, college/universities, graduation events and even at your next sporting event tailgate celebration.