Carnival Game Rentals

Let’s Party offers the largest selection of carnival game rentals in the San Francisco Bay Area. We carry over 150 carnival games in our inventory and offer everything from prize wheels and corn hole games to carnival tents and dunk tanks.

Overwhelmed by our vast selection?  Give us a call and we will help you choose the right carnival game for your event and age of your guests. We’ve been providing carnival game rentals since 1996 and have a lot of experience designing fun experiences for our customers.

Planning your school’s carnival?  Check out our carnival planning tips for our recommended concessions, tents, games and prizes. Having rented party games for carnival events of all kinds, we have a little bit of experience with what people tend to like!

Balloon Pop Carnival Game

Mega Balloon Pop

The biggest Balloon Pop Carnival Game available in Northern California, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Clara, East Bay, Santa Cruz-Monterey Bay Area. This Mega Balloon Pop Carnival Game is a custom-made game that is a blast to play. We provide the balloon pump and a bag of 250 balloons as well as 6 bean bags…

Cork Gun Carnival Game Rental

Test your shooting skills with this all time classic carnival shooting game. We supply either a cork gun riffle that shoots out corks (see picture) or you have the option of using our cross bow with soft tip arrows. The object is to knock out the colored balls that are located on this carnival game.…

2 Person Hi Striker Carnival Game

Just like the carnival attraction at your local county fair or theme park. We are offering our twin tower 2 Person Hi Striker Carnival Game. This amazing strong man 2 Person Hi Striker Carnival Game is a perfect item to rent for your next carnival themed party. This has two different size towers (17ft & 14ft)…

Kaboom Blast Game

The kaboom balloons Boom Blaster game combines the excitement of a balloon-popping contest with a safe, authentic-looking blasting detonator straight from the Saturday cartoons. Two or more players frantically pump, inflating their balloons until they reach the balloon-bursting arcs. First to burst – BOOM! – is the winner. (Small, well-labeled points help burst balloons when…
The Crazy Maze Game

Crazy Maze Driving Game

The Crazy Maze game tests your skills and patience! The object of the game is to guide the yellow ball through the maze by spinning the maze with your steering wheel located at the bottom of the game. Very Challenging! This rental comes complete with 3 balls. Looking for other competitive games to add to…