Carnival Games

Leap Frog Carnival Game

Object of this game: using the rubber mallet launch the frog and try to make him land in the box. Contestant gets 2 tries. 1 Frog in the box wins. This game does take some strength and strategy.

Down The Clown

Object of this game is to knock down as many clowns as possible with 3 bean bags: 3 down wins large prize, 2 down wins medium prize, 1 down wins small prize.

Finish Line Dice Board Game

Player is to roll 1-6 dice into the compartment, the number on each dice indicates which car or animal moves one space, if two (2) or more dice are rolled w/the same number that car or animal moves that many spaces. First car or animal to finish line wins.

Balloon Dart Game

we provide 12 darts, 100 balloons, and a pump to blow up the balloons, then the contestants toss there dart at the inflated balloons attached to the board. You can make this game hard or easy depending on the age. This is a must at any classic carnival theme event.

Large Crazy Ball Toss Game

Object of this game is to toss our large bouncy ball and have it land in one of the colored spots. Whatever color the ball land in you win that prize. A winner everytime.

Vintage Milk Can Toss Carnival Game

Our milk can game is a perfect addition to your western theme party or carnival theme event. We provide one large milk can and two balls to test your skill at tossing it at the top of the opening. If you land it just right it will go through the inside of the can. A…

Can Smash or Tin Can Alley Carnival Game

Our Tin Can Alley Carnival Game will test you accuracy and throwing skills.We provide 6 weighted cans and two bean bags for you to throw and knock down all 6 cans of the platform. If you can do it in just two tosses you are a winner.

Over & Under Carnival Game

This game of skill allows players to roll all 6 balls down a wooden board with numbers posted at the end of the lane. Then add up the total of the sum that the balls rolled to. If your total is under 11 you are a winner, if your toal is over 25 you also…

2 Person Inflatable Jacobs Ladder Competition

Rent the 2 Person Inflatable Jacobs Ladder Competition Inflatable carnival game for your next church function, birthday party, corporate event or special event. The Jacob’s Ladder is similar to the ones you have seen at fairs and carnivals. Test your balance and see if you can reach the top without falling. An extreme challenge suitable…

Trash Can Tipping Carnival Game

Try your luck at tipping over these trash cans by tossing our bean bags at the targets.If you knock out a trash can they will flip upside down to show you have won a prize. Not as easy as it looks.

Inflatable Bazooka Ball Shooting Gallery

This game is a portable inflatable version of the carnival classic tooth knock-out game. Sharpen your skills as you compete against your competitor by shooting soft bazooka balls at character’s teeth trying to be the first to knock them all down. Perfect for events, carnivals, team building, schools, grad nights. Video is available for this…

9 Hole Mini Golf Course

Test your putting skills with our 9 Hole Mini Golf Course . Putt the ball through the tunnels, bridges, obstacles, hills, and many other challenging obstacles.We rent these mini golf hole games as a whole set or you can rent them individually. We can supply scorecards and pencils if you rent all 9 holes. A superb…

9 Lane Pig Race Game

Watch these pigs fly down the nine lane race track!! All you have to do is hope you picked the right one to finish first! This fun carnival game includes all the battery operated pigs and the race track to make your event a real blast.  

Floating Duck Pond Carnival Game

The floating duck pond game is a all time classic carnival rental. We provide the game and you provide the fun. Each player picks a floating duck and turns it over and matches the bottom color to the prizes category tray on top of the game. A winner every time. A really great game for…

Find The Golden Egg

This is a classic game of luck. The object of the game is to put your hand in one of the holes if you are lucky enough you will find the golden egg. If you don’t find the golden egg, you will pull out a white egg. It works best when you can hand out…

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