Party Game Rentals

Let’s Party has been providing party game rentals and water games for outdoor parties, fairs and corporate events since 1996. Our most popular games are inflatable obstacle courses, sports games and dunk tanks.

Not sure what you are looking for? Speak to one of our staff members about your budget, guests and goals and we will help you choose the right party games for your event. We offer a complete service, delivering and setting up the party games at your event and returning afterwards to take them down.

Remember, party games are not just for kids!  Bring a little laughter to your next event!

Beat The Bucket

Beat The Bucket is unlike any rental game you have ever seen. More interaction, increased competition, and a twist of technology have helped to create a unique experience for all involved. In almost all water games, a single player stands or sits while a second player tries to hit a target that will dump, dunk,…

Dunk Tanks

We have awesome dunk tanks that make quite the splash at your party!  Are you looking for a great fundraising tool?  Renting a dunk tank is a great way to raise funds for your team, school or local cause. Our dunk tanks are safe and reliable. They use 350 gallons of water and have a…

Game Show Mania

The best team-building and competitive activities. The Game Show Mania is an authentic game show with three contestants who race to buzz in to answer first. Each game show podium includes scoring, microphone and buzzer. You can use our questions or you may customize your event with questions relating to your theme or business.

2 Person Hi Striker Carnival Game

Just like the carnival attraction at your local county fair or theme park. We are offering our twin tower 2 Person Hi Striker Carnival Game. This amazing strong man 2 Person Hi Striker Carnival Game is a perfect item to rent for your next carnival themed party. This has two different size towers (17ft & 14ft)…

Wacky Tricycle Racing

Are you up to the challenge of racing your friends on the Wacky Tricycle Racing? A bead of perspiration rolls down your forehead as you maneuver your trike past your number one opponent. He glances over at you, and then returns to his feverish attempts at blocking your path. You dodge, swerving down the track;…

Inflatable Twister Game

Imagine having all your friends or co workers all tangled up on this oversized inflatable twister game. Comes complete with an oversized twister spinner board.

2 Person Tug N Dunk Bungee Battle

Our Inflatable 2 Person Tug N Dunk is a great one on one competition. Opponents are connected by a bungee cord and run down opposite lanes in opposite directions as fast as they can. The Goal? Make a “Slam Dunk” before the bungee cord springs you backward. The Catch? Somebody is going have to give!…

Extreme Adult Big Wheel Trikes

Our custom made Extreme Adult Big Wheel Trikes will grab your party by storm. We have 3 different colors to chose from or rent all 3 of our adult extreme trikes. These trike are the best bikes on the market and are great to rent for your company or team building game. We are offering…
Sumo Wrestling Rentals San Francisco

Sumo Wresting Competition

Challenge your friend to a match with our Sumo Wresting Competition! Players suit up with oversized foam filled suits, helmets and gloves (all included) and wrestle each other on a padded arena (also included). Last one standing in the circle is the winner! Click On The Video To See How Fun This Really Can Be!
Rent our 2 Lane Inflatable Bungee Run Basketball for your next bay area event

2 Lane Inflatable Bungee Run Basketball

Our 2 lane inflatable bungee run basketball game will keep your guests smiling. The object to the game is putting on your vest that is attached by a strong bungee cord. Then seeing how strong you are by running down our inflatable 2 Lane Inflatable Bungee Run Basketball game and trying to make a basket…

Inflatable Boxing Arena

Are you the next heavyweight champion of the world? Test your boxing skills when you battle your opponent in our big inflatable boxing ring. We supply each competitor with giant oversized boxing gloves and helmets and let round 1 start. This is a huge hit with the teens and adults alike!

Inflatable Joust

This exciting all time classic game is a favorite for any occasion. The object to our inflatable joust is to have two competitors stand on top of the pedestals with helmets on. Then when the whistle blows each opponent has jousting poles and they try to knock each other off the pedestal landing on the…

4 Way Extreme Tug N Dunk

4 players attached to two different bungee cords start out with a go signal and the competition begins. Each player tries to slam dunk their ball and score on the other player. This is like the regular tug n dunk but supercharged. This interactive game is great for schools, company parties, grad nights and basketball…

Inflatable Big Baller

Look out Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, and the Monterey Bay! There’s a new interactive inflatable game that’s taking the state of California by storm! It’s called The Inflatable Big Baller Wipe Out Game . Have you ever wanted to try your skill on the big balls course on Wipeout? With the Big Baller…

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