Party Games Are Not Just for Kids

Mechanical Bull Rental

Ever marveled at how care-free children can be and how much fun they have together when playing?  Play time is a really important part of child development and should be continued into adulthood.  As adults, it is important that we understand how to play with our children, but it is also crucial that we create a balance between work and play. Having fun is important for relieving stress and leading a happy life.

At Let’s Party, we specialize in party game rentals for every occasion and every age. Bring that extra bit of fun to your event with a party game rental that will make your guests feel like kids again!

Some of our favorite party games:

Mechanical Bull

You know you won’t be able to hang on very long, you know you’re going to fall; yet this game lures you in. There’s something to be said about a person who doesn’t mind being embarrassed!

Mechanical Surfboard

Now, just because you’ve mastered the Mechanical Surfboard doesn’t mean you can take on the California waves!  This rental is a simulator, however, and a great way to practice your balance and strengthen your core muscles.

Human Hamster Balls 

Ever wondered how little kids can spin on the Merry Go Round at the park without getting sick?  Turn your world upside down and side-to-side in a Human Hamster Ball. Remember, it’s not the full experience if you don’t ram into others like you’re in a bumper car!

Human Foosball

If you like team sports, this is the game for you!  Work as a team as a human foosball player.  You are strapped to a pole, so you really do have to work with your team-mates to kick the soccer ball.

Inflatable Joust 

Quite literally knock your friend of their pedestal in this friendly jousting competition. Create a knock-out bracket and crown one of your friends the jousting champion.

Mini Golf

Who doesn’t like the odd game of Mini Golf?  It’s doesn’t matter at all if you can properly golf or not.  Enjoy practicing your putting through tunnels and over hills and bridges on this miniature 9-hole course.

There’s just one more thing that is really important to remember when playing our games…. Laughing is a requirement!  Laugh at yourself and with others while jumping, jousting, winning or losing.