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Black Light Photo Booth

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Time for some wild pictures with the Black Light Photo Booth from Lets Party!

This is a free standing photo booth that can be set up almost anywhere. It also has a very quick reload time so lots of people can get pictures in a short time. And it prints the pictures right there in record time!

Because it is a free standing photo booth, our Black Light Photo Booth can fit tons of people in frame. Instead of just two people, this photo booth can easily fit six. If you can get more in frame, go for it!

The black lights on this photo booth make things glow! Light colors look especially vibrant. Wear some white, yellow, or neon for best effect! And don’t forget to grab some of our props. Each one was hand picked to glow underneath the black lights. These props will make your pictures look much more bizarre and fun.

The photo booth can do both color or black and white photos, but color is best with the black lights. It will also save all the pictures from the event on a flash drive so you get a copy of every picture taken.

The black lights work best in the dark. So if your party is a dark glow party, the Black Light Photo Booth will work great. If it is not a dark party, we supply a black out tent to block out all ambient light. That way you can get the full black light experience at any party! You could also check out our other photo booths to find the option perfect for your event. Lets Party Photo Booth Rentals

We deliver to anywhere in Monterey County, San Jose area, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Northern California. Give us a call today to book the Black Light Photo Booth for your next glow party.

Product Description

Space Requirements:
10 feet long by 10 feet wide and 12 feet tall with the tent
8 feet long by 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall without the tent

Power Requirements: One standard power outlet

Price: Please give us a call for rates and availability

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