For winter parties, there’s no fun like snow fun!

Inflatable Snow Globe Rental

You don’t have to live in northern climates to enjoy the thrills of hosting a snow-themed winter party. When you picture your party, do you envision real snow, snow ball fights, and even sledding? With a variety of all-climate snow activities available at Let’s Party, your party can have all that and more … even in scorching temps!

Let It Snow!
Nothing says a winter party like real snow. Rent a Snow Machine and let your guests feel the cold chill of fresh-fallen snow. Don’t let the worry of wet clothes hold you back from considering this activity. Snow machines use a special mixture of evaporative snow that keeps guests warm and dry, unlike real snow.

Jump Inside a Snow Globe!
Inflatable Snow Globes are life-sized party must-haves. Holding 1-5 guests at a time, they actually blow snow inside just like a real-life shaken-up slow globe would. Party goers will enjoy jumping inside a snow globe and snapping a picture to memorialize the moment at your winter snow party.

Have a Snow Ball Fight!
Just like lobbing real snow balls with friends, the Snowball Shoot Out Game allows your guests the chance to get competitive and hurl snow balls at floating ball targets. Offer up prizes to those who hit the target and watch your guests roll up their sleeves and get into the fun. Truly a game for all ages, the Snowball Shootout game brings to life the excitement of a wintery snowball fight.

Go Sledding!
How do you go sledding when you have no snow? Rent an Inflatable Snow Sledding Ride, that’s how! The Snow Sledding Ride is an inflatable slide with twin roller lanes that takes your guests on a sled ride down and through a tunnel. Made to look like a snowy mountain adventure, this ride allows your guests the chance to go sledding without the need for winter snow gear!

Host a Winter snow party in any climate with the help of Let’s Party!