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March Is Coming – Let the Madness Begin!

Basketball Game Rental San Francisco

Nothing makes you want to throw some hoops and hear the bounce, bounce, swoosh of a basketball more than college basketball season!  If you are a fan and are planning a NCAA Final Four viewing party or just a basketball themed event, we have some tips for making it a fun time for everyone.

Let’s face it, you just want to watch March Madness without the kids bothering you.  The best way to keep them busy is to give them friends to play with, treats to eat and something to do. (We recommend the Slam Dunk Bounce House or Inflatable Basketball Shooting Stars for the kids).  With this winning combo, you won’t see them for hours!  #Winning

For older kids and adults too, consider the Slam Dunk Challenge.  Think it looks too easy?  Give it a try and see just how long it takes for you to get the timing and leaping right to get a slam dunk!  Warning – It’s addictive!  You’ll want to keep trying …… and trying……. until you get that ball in.

We all know how March Madness can bring out the competitive side in people. Even after the ref blows the whistle after the final play, the party doesn’t have to end. Create your own “bracket” and have your guests go head-to-head in a 1-on-1 Basketball Hoops tournament.  Heck, make it into a drinking game (one way to take down the competition ?).  If you really want to step it up a notch, consider renting the LED Basketball Arcade Game with uniformed referees (with whistles) to ref your NCAA tourney. (We take your brackets very seriously BTW).

If you’re having a team-building event at work and are looking for a game to break the ice, try the 2 Lane Inflatable Bungee Run Basketball game. See how strong you are by running down the lane and trying to make a basket before getting pulled back to the starting point like a rubber band.  Want to really compare your strength to your opponent?  Try the 4 Way Extreme Tug n Dunk.  You’re attached to your opponent by a bungee cord and you each try to make a basket while being tugged in the opposite direction.

Renting basketball themed games for your party is a slam dunk. Call Let’s Party today at 1-888-630-3866 and make sure everyone has a ball!